Todd W. was our program chair for the day.
Todd introduced John Slagle part of the owners family to make the presentation today.
John told us about how the Technic training center got started and how it has filled a special need in the construction industry. It is a nonprofit organization managed by the Lynden Door family of companies.
Rod Visser is the training and shop manager while David Dunkin is the training administrator.
They finish this past year with 72 students from north county school students. Students can earn a CTE credit for every 130 hours of lab time which is 1 semester.
The students made a special sign for our Rotary club with our name and the Rotary wheel to place in the rotary building.
What a great resource for the students interested in the wood side of the construction industry. Hope we can help them again in the future as we and the Jansen Foundation did in the past by paying for the dust removal equipment.
Find out more about the Technic Training Center.