The Mt Baker Rotary Club is excited that we have the opportunity again this year to send two students (from Meridian HS) to Youth Adventures In Leadership.

Throughout the YAIL weekend experience, participants will interact and engage with one another through large group activities, small group activities, and speaker sessions. All activities will be led by experienced youth facilitators who are YAIL Alumni and have a passion for empowering young people.

This is a great opportunity for these students to step out and be challenged to find their leadership voice.

YAIL will help them discover new skills and improve those they already have by providing engaging exercises in the following areas:

  • Personal Leadership Development
  • Team Leadership Development
  • Navigating Challenges in the Digital Era
  • Encouraging them to step outside of their “comfort zone”
  • Recognizing the value of “Service above Self”
  • Building long lasting relationships between peers, facilitators, and community
  • Developing an increased awareness of Leadership Skills they already have and discovering new ones they can make use of.
More information about YAIL can be found at their website: